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About Us

Experts in organic product placement and personality brand marketing through documentary story telling

At Lolli Brands Entertainment, we pride ourselves on assembling an exceptional team of award-winning producers, documentary makers, and cinematographers dedicated to capturing and presenting your story in the most compelling way possible. With the support of our experienced marketing team, we ensure that your story reaches a global audience, leaving a lasting impact.



Lolli brands Entertainment was founded in 2012 by Anthony Lolli was a big supporter of the entertainment industry. With his massive success in the real estate world he was able to invest and fund projects for Spike Lee, 50 Cent & many others.

When Tereza Joined the company in 2018, they decided to fund and create their own projects. In just 5 years they've managed to create numerous award winning documentaries and launch on premium outlets such as amazon prime, apple tv, roku, tubi & many more on a repeat basis.

Their first documentary went viral with over 95 million views and brought them 7 nominations and four awards. Following it's success they filmed 'The Super Lollis' which brought them 10 awards in the best docu series category and 'Skin Deep#, which brought 12 awards to the company.

They are set to release 5 new documentaries with thought provoking content with the goal of changing the world.

Meet The Team

Tereza is the COO of Lolli Brands Entertainment. She has been apart of the acting world for over 10 years, starring in movies and also forming her own female rock group, Velvet Tornado.

A family woman at heart, she aims to bring interesting topics across the world into a format that families can learn and grow from.

Anthony Lolli is the founder and CEO of Lolli Brands Entertainment. A keen eye for business and a fantastic marketing strategy, he knows the right angles to construct a narrative story in the best way that can help you market your business and provide the best value not only for the viewers, but for the businesses involved.

Lolli Family Bio
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Industry Family

As a family, we are ingrained in the entertainment industry. Our children have booked over 100 jobs combined since childhood with our son Legend, recently appearing in a film by Martin Scorsese's daughter!