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Anthony Lolli

Anthony is an avid real estate investor, guru and media celebrity for over 25 years.

Born into an immigrant family and from humble beginnings, Anthony worked tirelessly and became a multi-millionaire at the age of 23.

In 2012, with his cash flow behind him, he began Lolli Brands Entertainment. His creative journey since then spans across acting, producing, and directing, with an impressive repertoire of films under his belt. Notably, Lolli had the privilege of collaborating with renowned filmmaker Spike Lee on a notable project. While his earlier endeavors showcased his versatility as a filmmaker, Lolli has shifted his focus to crafting compelling documentary content.


His documentary works have garnered critical acclaim, earning multiple prestigious awards and recognition within the industry. With a steadfast commitment to his craft, Anthony Lolli continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment through his compelling storytelling and exceptional filmmaking prowess.


He founded Rapid RealtyFranchise LLC in 2008 and has been the CEO since inception. The company grew quickly and was recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America by Inc Magazine, naming it to its annual Inc 5000 list.With 40 franchise offices in New York City and other markets on target for future openings, Rapid Realty is well on its way to achieving Anthony’s goal of making it the house hold name in rentals across America.

Anthony founded his real estate company Rapid Realty back in 1998, following it's success he turned the business into a franchise and has been the CEO ever since.

The company expanded from one location to sixty offices in 24 months with over 1000 licensees.

On top of the businesses, he is also an avid real estate investory, selecting properties in neighbourhoods that he envisions doing well, often before others would ever believe in them, and making double profit on many of his ventures.

With a keen eye for business deals, and marketing his own companies, Anthony brings this knowledge to the forefront of creating documentaries for clients.

A documentary should not just be something to show off on, it should be something to create an audience and generate extra wealth.



He began with investing in films for people like Spike Lee, and music videos for the likes of 50 cent, tupac and more! When 2012 hit he decided to start Lolli Brands Entertainment and become serious about funding projects.

When deciding to finally do something about his weight, Anthony documented the entire process, knowing the ins and outs of the entertainment industry he knew it would be a hit.


After filming the documentary and packaging everything up nicely, he embarked on a rigorous marketing campaign, creating social media profiles, trailers, posters, going to events, red carpets and hosting viewing parties in his own private cinema.

The campaign was a success and his documentary was watched on Amazon Prime over 90 million times and translated into over 50 languages.

Using the knowledge he has gained from years of successful businesses and great marketing campaigns, he, along with his wife Tereza, set out to make more documentaries with a twist.

They aren't just documentaries, they are marketing machines, the best way to sell a brand, an idea, and to inform the public of exactly why they should trust you.

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