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Tereza grew up in Armenia during the collapse of the Soviet Union, but she didn't let that stop her creativity. From a young age she was put on performances with her friends for family and even the school.

At 20 years old she decided to make a life for herself in the United States. She graduated university with a Suma Cum Laude in accounting and was offered a position at BUSINESS, she turned that down to pursue her passion of the entertainment industry.

She met Anthony when she turned 26 and the couple had a connection not only for their relationship, but also for the entertainment industry.

She became a 'Momager' and has booked over 100 acting jobs for her children.


Tereza moved to Manhatten after finishing her university degree in order to pursue her true passion of acting and singing.

She was instantly booking jobs in movie roles, appearing in many films across numerous film festivals.

A big fan of all aspects of the entertainment world, she also started her own all female rock band called Velvet Tornado, they signed record contracts and played gigs all across New York.

She wrote, directed, and produced their first music video for 'Bombshell Cocaine', which helped her find a new love in the Behind the scenes world of creativity.

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With a passion for producing and story-telling, when her husband decided to lose weight, she immediately jumped at the chance to come in and help produce a documentary about it.

The documentary was a huge success and the couple set out on creating more hits together.

Tereza took the reins of Executive Producer, securing well known talent for their projects, people like Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzanegger, Kai Green and more were grabbed by Tereza to participate in their upcoming documentary 'Guru Farah'.

The work never stops, and she managed to secure Biohacking legend Dave Asprey for another upcoming documentary 'BioHack Yourself'

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