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Radical Body Transformations

In 2018 Anthony invested, rebranded and built up the RBT business, transforming it into a thriving platform. Hosting multiple online competitions, give away prizes such as $20,000 skin surgery, to sanctioning a bodybuilding event backed by the IFBB. The company & movement has inspired millions across the globe.

Playbook App

Anthony and Tereza, esteemed content creators on the leading fitness platform Playbook, bring their expertise to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. With training from renowned expert George Farah, they provide valuable insights on effective fat loss techniques and achieving peak physical condition.

Playbook app.jpg

Clothing line

Anthony & Tereza took the RBT business one step further by creating a clothing line for their business, gaining 100k followers on there instagram it took the transformation world by storm and provided those with loose skin and drastic weight changes to feel comfortable in their own skin, and in their own clothes.

Clothe shop.png