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Love & Legend Lolli

Love Lolli 8 years old and Legend Lolli 6 years old are professional child actors with over 75 projects under their belt. Everything from national TV commercials, print ads, off-broadway, movies, TV shows, short films to Amazon and Netflix series.  

When they’re not busy interviewing thought leaders and biohacking professionals for the groundbreaking documentary ‘Biohack Yourself’, Love & Legend take a leaf from there parents  book “The heart of the deal” by entering into the world of real estate investment and development, making them one of the youngest real estate investors. 

At home and off camera, they are more than just big sister and little brother; they share a special friendship that enhances their sibling bond, making them inseparable companions and life long best friends. 

When they aren’t playing with their faithful Samoyed dog “Armenia” they are taking private enrichment classes in guitar, drums, singing, swimming, chess, gymnastics, soccer, Brazilian jujitsu and debate.

Biohack Yourself

Love & Legend were a huge part of the Biohack Yourself documentary, interviewing some of the top health experts in the world such as Dr. Amen, Dr. Steve Gundry, Thomas Delaur, Peter Diamandis & many more! 

Love's Portfolio

Amazon Glow
Mutual of Omaha
1-800 Flowers
Shade of red
Real Good Foods
Fisher Price
Newton Baby
Kiddie Academy
I'm a mess
Christmas Mashtiles
Mrs. Meyers
Scary Mommy
Monsters inside me
Open Door Medical
35 Lies that bind
62 Black Rock
61 Scholastic
30 Homicide city
Lies that Bind
Homicide City
50 COcoa the film
16 Stride Rite
10 Rubies Costume
Cocoa the Film
Stride Rite
Rubie's Costume