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Birthed a fitness business & movement

In 2018 Anthony & TereZa invested, rebranded and built up the Radical Body Transformations business, transforming it into a thriving platform. Hosting multiple online competitions, giveaways such as $20,000 skin surgery, to sanctioning a bodybuilding event backed by the IFBB. The company & movement has inspired millions across the globe.


View the RBT YouTube Channel here!

Hosting Professional Competitions

As a result of Fat Lolli to 6 pack lollis viral success and global growing fan base Anthony made a million dollar cash infusion into Radical Bodybuilding completely revamped and rebranded everything. 

In addition to bringing in his own team he hired new staff and curated coaches to take on the growing customer base 

Ran multiple online contest and gave away prizes and helped inspire hundreds of thousands Accross the globe.

Radical Body Transformations revolutionized the fitness world by pioneering online competitions where individuals could showcase their extraordinary journey towards physical metamorphosis. With prizes soaring up to $150,000 annually, these competitions became the ultimate battleground for enthusiasts committed to sculpting their bodies to perfection. 

In person events were hosted which gave away medals and amazing hormone replacement options worth $10,000 to contestants, as well as an assortment of goodie bags and access to a thriving online community.

The Lollies then decided to take the contest from online to in person host their own transformation competition at the IFBB Canada pro in June 2022.

At this event Anthony gave away a $25,000 prize of skin surgery to Jack Bunch.

Watch Jack's journey below


Anthony's audience continued to grow and he continued to motivate people with content on his youtube

Clothes Shop

Anthony & Tereza took the Radical Body Transformations business one step further by creating a clothing line for their business, by providing those with loose skin and drastic weight changes to feel comfortable in their own bodies, and in their own clothes.

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