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Henry Adkin

Head of Studio / CCO

Henry is an accredited, accomplished and awarded wining 15 year + veteran in the scripted and unscripted TV and Film industry. 

His experience is vast, as he has his hands on every phase of a project from crafting a film or TV series from initial ideation in development to leading a crew of 300 members across multiple times zones under hostile environments. To negotiating and green lighting projects with major broadcasters and streamers. 

To date Henry’s work has been seen in over 230 countries with worldwide viewing figures in excess of 500 million accross a multitude of platforms.

Awards 3

Henry's Awards

Henry's Shows

The Imposter - Raw tv
Gold Rush
Stanley Tucci
Jersey Shore
Banged Up Abroad
The Tinder Swindler
The Guru
GR Parkers Trail 2
My Super Sweet 16th
Woodstock Netflix
Gold Rush Discovery Channel
American Blackout
Don't Fuck with Cats
The Hunt for the Bostom bombers

Henry's Global Broadcast Platforms

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