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Thank you for taking your precious time to learn about my personal and business history.  In my 46 years on this earth I have had a lot of proud meaningful and memorable moments.  I have created a unique timeline approach to walk you through just a few highlights and included links in case you wanted to dive deeper into any moment that peaks your interest.  

In a nutshell, my career in the entertainment industry has spanned nearly 2 decades alongside a successful 

real estate career which led to the largest real estate school ever seen in the state of New York which spread throughout America.

We now have multiple award winning documentaries under our belt along with 5 currently in pre-production waiting to take the world by storm.

Anthony Lolli has over 25 years of proven business and leadership experience. A son of an Ecuadorian immigrant mother and an Italian WW2 navy veteran public school teacher father. He went from those humble beginnings to building the fastest growing real estate franchise from 1 location to over 100 locations nationwide and went “media viral” after the news reported on the fact that over 100 of his employees tattooed his company logo on their bodies. He then built the second largest real estate school in NYC that licensed over 45,000 students. He didn’t just stop at that. He acquired and built his own real estate apartment building portfolio, published a best-selling book “The Heart of The Deal”, and became a media contributor for Fox, ABC, CBS and has been written about in over 1000 global news publications. He’s also an international public speaker and private consultant to many successful companies. After winning over a dozen business awards including the inc 5000 he successfully sold and exited from his businesses to focus and take on his next challenge, to lose over 150 pounds in 9 months! He filmed his entire transformation journey and titled it “From Fat Lolli to 6 pack Lolli”. His weight-loss documentary was released on Amazon prime during the pandemic and did so well that they translated it into 52 languages which catapulted it to break amazon viewership records. Anthony humbly credits this streaming success to the timing of its release when at home health conscious content was at its peak. With his new found worldwide fitness fame he went on to produce, direct and star in several other documentaries which include his wife and children through his media company “Lolli Brands Entertainment”. Anthony can now add “award winning film maker” to his list of credits as he has won over 42 film industry awards. He’s now also recognized globally as a body transformation champion, and pro muscle model as well as a social media influencer expert with over 1.5 million followers on IG. In addition to this, he continuously devotes his efforts to over 50+ philanthropic organizations, including fund-raising and donating to his community. A devoted father and husband he spends 90% of his time with his family when he’s not at the gym.

A life of achievements

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Curated quotes that have inspired me throughout the years

1983 - Photo with a parrot

At 5, his father began moonlighting as a street entertainer and Anthony made his first steps in learning the business principles that would define him.

1977 - Anthony is born

Born in 1977 to immigrant parents, Anthony started his life living poor in money, but rich in love.

Photo With Parrot Horizontal.jpg
Lemonade stand.jpeg

1993 - Bed & Breakfast

At 16, Anthony started his first venture into Real estate by opening up the Lolli Home Bed & Breakfast.

1985 - Lemonade stand

At 8 years old, Anthony began his first business. A humble lemonade stand.

Be alarmed.jpg

1996 - Real Estate School

Anthony enrolled in Real Estate school, he realised the potential money that could be made in teaching real estate.

1996 - Be Alarmed

Anthony joined forces with his cousin's company and began fitting security devices to many celebrities homes across New York City.

Real estate school_1.6.1.jpg
On phone.jpeg

1998 - Rapid Realty NYC

Anthony opened up his first office, becoming a realtor by day and construction worker by night

1997 - 1st Brokerage Job

After getting his real estate licence Anthony went to work for the biggest realtor in Brooklyn.

2003 - First Media Appearance

In 2003 Anthony made his first mark in the world of the press & media by appearing in the New York Post - Click the image to see the article.

2001 - Lolli Estates LLC

Anthony also began a solopreneur real estate career, buying and renting properties in his own name.

NY Post horizontal.jpg

2004 - Express Real Estate School

A billboard campaign was launched to gather the best talent from across New York City to come and work for Anthony.

2006 - Real Estate Executive

After only 2 years since setting up his real estate school Anthony appeared in the prestigious Real Estate Executive magaizine.

2012 - Anthony joins Facebook

In 2012 Anthony joined Facebook, to expand his social media presence and begin his new career as an influencer

Anthony bought his dream mansion for him and his mom to call home.

Facebook Horizontal.jpg
Anthony joins Instagram.png

20012 - Rapid Realty Franchise

Anthony began the franchising of his real estate business, Rapid Realty. See the full franchise list here.

2012 - Anthony joins Instagram

In 2012 Anthony joined Instagram, growing his platform to over 1.4m followers

2012 - Lolli Brands Entertainment

Anthony kicked off his entertainment industry company by investing and producing movies.

2012 - Release of the biography

In 2012 Anthony released a biopic based on his life and journey to becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur.

2014 - Anthony finds love

Anthony meets TereZa, the love of his life and they are married a year later.

2013 - First Major News Appearance

In 2013 Anthony made his first appearance on a major news network, Fox Business Varney & Co.

Real Deal Engagement Announcement.jpeg

A successful tattoo marketing campaign earned Anthony global recognition and set him up for a huge media blast through the years - See more here.

2014 - Anthony & TereZa marriage

Anthony meets Tereza, the love of his life and they are married a year later.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-15 at 22.51.25.jpeg

In 2017 Anthony launched his best-selling book 'The Heart Of The Deal' which sold millions of copies!

2016 - Love is born

In 2016 Anthony welcomed his first child to the world, Love Lolli

Anthony Instagram.png

2020 - Founded RBT

In 2020 Anthony became a founder of Radical Body Transformations and launched competitions across the globe to help people transform their own lives.

2019 -  Social Media Expert & Fitness Guru

Anthony's successful documentary gained him a huge social media following, and he became a fitness guru

2020 - Paid Fitness Influencer

Anthony also became a paid fitness influencer, modelling and acting in commercials for big brands!

2021 - Turned Pro bodybuilder

In 2021 Anthony's dedication to bodybuilding helped him win a Pro Card from the WBFF.

2021 - Transformation Icons

Production was started on transformation icons, following the amazing journeys of inspirational people around the globe.

Anthony & Tereza starred and directed a docu-series following their amazing journey to the top of the bodybuilding world.

tranform icons.jpg

2022 - Florida Real Estate

Having never lost sight of his real estate business, Anthony branched out and began expanding his portfolio into Florida.

2022 - Launched an IFBB Competition

Anthony's fame throughout the fitness industry led him to organizing his own IFBB sanctioned bodybuilding competition with $25k worth of prizes

2022 - The Guru

Then famous bodybuilding guru George Farah reached out to Anthony & TereZa to ask them to direct and produce a documentary about him.

2022 - Skin Deep Documentary

Anthony then produced a documentary called Skin Deep, following Alex Porro's journey of skin surgery after losing over 300lbs!


In 2023 the Lolli's embarked on a health journey into biohacking, amassing the largest group of prominent thought leaders ever seen.

With an off-Broadway play and a role in a Scorcece movie, Love & Legend can officially claim the title of successful actors.

2024 - Kids buy real estate


2024 - Super Lollis Podcast

TereZa organized her family together, and created the highly anticpated Super Lollis Podcast, with a deal with Amazon Prime it's set to release in fall of this year.

2024 - Podcasters

With their recent string of successes Anthony & Tereza have been invited on a myriad of podcasts.

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