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David Shutt

Lead Editor

David Shutt is employee number #1 at Lolli Brands Entertainment. Over the last decade he has shot & edited more viral hits for the Lolli Family than Al Neri, Luca Brasi, John Wick and Jason Bourne combined! 

A true visionary in the ways of storytelling and digital marketing. David doesn't just bring an idea to life; he molds it from conception to the final frame. 

His ingenious campaigns across social media platforms have wielded unprecedented success, amassing millions of views and precipitated wide scale launches and record sales.

He has expert skillsets across a myriad of industry software, platforms, and cutting-edge filming technologies.  A Swiss Army knife of experience ranging from filming, editing and DP’ing documentaries, viral reels, vlogs, podcasts, behind the scenes, shorts, commercials, influencer campaigns, script writing and speaking event stage presentation.  If LBE was a sports team David Shutt would carry titles pinch hitter, clutch player and MVP. 

David's Award Wins & Nominations

Skin Deep
George Farah
Super Lollis
Skin Deep
Guru Laurels

David's Global Broadcast Platforms

David Streaming
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