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Lolli Brands Careers

Join our team

Get to explore, team up, and try new things. Lolli Brands is an inclusive and diverse workplace with plenty of space to grow. 


What we offer

  • A collaborative environment where creativity flourishes.

  • Opportunities to work on diverse projects across various platforms.

  • A supportive team dedicated to mutual growth and success.

  • Competitive compensation package with performance incentives.

  • Extensive training and professional development opportunities.

  • Access to cutting-edge technology and equipment.

  • Opportunities for career advancement and skill development.

  • A first step into the entertainment industry with real-world projects.

  • A hybrid work environment


Our Values


Challenge the industry

The courage to push boundaries in the entertainment industry, innovate new ways of creating content and bringing the best possible end product to clients.

Challenge Lolli Brands

Respect within Lolli Brands involves maintaining an environment where you feel comfortable questioning and challenging internal processes and ideas.

Challenge yourself

Encouraging personal ambition within the team means pushing yourself to grow, learn, and evolve as a professional.

Lolli Brands Perks


Red carpet events

If you worked on our project, then you're coming to the red carpet with us!

Travel the world

We fly all over the world to film, and bring crew both new and old each time.

Travel the world

Embark on a journey that spans the globe with Lolli Brands. Our work takes us to breathtaking locations worldwide, where we capture captivating moments on film. Whether you're a seasoned crew member or joining us for the first time, every trip is an adventure waiting to unfold. Our projects offer a passport to diverse cultures and stunning scenery. Join our team and let your career take flight as we explore the world together.


From seasoned professionals to rising stars, we prioritize building relationships that foster growth and collaboration. Whether it's networking at industry events, collaborating with talented individuals on projects, or engaging with mentors who offer invaluable guidance, we believe in the power of connections to propel careers forward. Join our team and become part of a community where relationships are nurtured, ideas are shared, and opportunities abound.

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The right tools

Top-tier tech, you get the best, to do your best.


Make connections with industry experts.

Red carpet events

Joining Lolli Brands means more than just a career; it's an invitation to the red carpet. If you've been a part of our projects, you're stepping onto the grand stage with us. Last year, we whisked our team away to the illustrious Cannes Film Festival, and this year promises even more exciting ventures. At Lolli Brands, we blend passion with ambition, creating opportunities that extend beyond the ordinary. Come with us and be part of the extraordinary.

The right tools

At Lolli Brands, we believe in equipping our team with the finest tools to unleash their creative potential. Our commitment to excellence extends to our cutting-edge camera technology and state-of-the-art filming equipment. From the latest in cinematographic cameras to advanced lighting rigs and sound equipment, we spare no expense in providing our crew with the means to achieve greatness. With access to top-tier tech, you have the power to bring your vision to life with unparalleled precision and quality.

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No problem! We are always looking to expand and gather new talent, if you don't see an active hiring right now, drop us a link to your portfolio and we'll be in touch and see how you can fit into our team!

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