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TereZa Hakobyan-Lolli

Vice President

At the helm as Vice President, Tereza fearlessly charts the course, relentlessly pursuing A-list contributors and industry titans for each documentary. In her pursuit of excellence, she refuses to accept 'no' as an answer, pushing until the film secures the stars it rightfully deserves. Her determination and tenacity ensure that every project stands with the brilliance of top-tier talent and industry leaders, cementing each production as an example of unparalleled storytelling prowess. Crafting mesmerizing documentaries and podcasts (Super Lollis, Fat Lolli to 6 Pack, Skindeep to name but a few) that transcend boundaries, her award-winning content doesn’t just tell stories; they stir emotions, provoke thoughts, and ignite change. Tereza's lens captures the unseen, amplifying voices often unheard. Her success being viewing globally across multiple streamers and platforms such as Amazon, Roku and Youtube.

A life in the arts

Acting & Modelling



Timeline BLACK.png

1987 - TereZa is born

Born in 1987 in Yerevan Armenia, TereZa grew up during revolutionary times.

1994 - Ping Pong Champion

At the age of only 7 years old, TereZa became a ping pong champion in Armenia!


1996 - Piano Concerts

TereZa always had a musical talent, from an early age she would take part in Piano concerts travelling across country.


2003 - #1 Physics & Math School

At 16, TereZa graduated school as valedictorian, leaving as the top of her class in Physics and maths.


2005 - Scholarship for Yerevan State

With her amazing academic background, TereZa was accepted for  a scholarship for the prestigious Yerevan State University. 


2006 - Armenian Idol

TereZa joined Armenian idol, pushing her passion for music and the arts even further


2007 - Moved to America

TereZa moved to America without speaking English and with only having $300 in her pocket.

2009 - Suma Cum Laude Degree

By saving up her tuition fee, TereZa was able to put herself through college and graduate Suma Cum Laude 


2009 - Offer from Deloitte

After graduating, TereZa received a prestigious offer from Deloitte, which she turned down in order to chase her dreams

delopitte building.webp

2011 - Acting Conservatory 

TereZa joined the Barrow group acting conservatory in order to follow her true passion in the arts.


2012 - Netflix Movie

In 2012, TereZa landed her first major role in a Netflix movie Six Degrees of Hell, starring Corey Feldman.

2013 - Velvet Tornado

TereZa formed an all female rock group called Velvet Tornado & signed a record deal.

2014 - TereZa joins Instagram

In 2014 TereZa joined Instagram, growing his platform to over 160k followers.

Joins Instagram - 2014.png

2012 - TereZa joins Facebook

In 2012 TereZa joined Facebook, to start her social media career.

Joins Facebook - 2012.png

2014 - TereZa finds love

TereZa meets Anthony, the love of her life and they are married a year later.

Real Deal Engagement Announcement.jpeg

2015 - Meets Husband

TereZa and Anthony spark a friendship, and within a year the pair are engaged and planning their future together.

2019 - Has Legend

TereZa gives birth to her second child, Legend Lolli

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-15 at 22.44.49 (1).jpeg

2021 - Transformation Icons

Production was started on transformation icons, following the amazing journeys of inspirational people around the globe.

Transformation Icons.jpeg

2023 - Skin Deep

With her award winning TV Show underwrap, she then proceeded to produce her first feature documentary 'Skin Deep'.

2023 - Super Lollis

TereZa was now a producer, and produced her first hit series 'The Super Lollis'

With an off-Broadway play and a role in a Scorcece movie, Love & Legend can officially claim the title of successful actors.


2017 - Has Love

TereZa gives birth to her first child, Love Lolli.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-15 at 22.51.25 (1).jpeg

2021 - 100 child bookings

In 2021 TereZa could boast an impressive 100 bookings for her children's acting career.

2022 - 2 Time Bikini Pro

In 2022 TereZa embarked on her own fitness journey and became a 2 time Bikini Pro.

2023 - The Guru

Now, with credit to her name, she produced a documentary about the legendary coach & bodybuilder, George Farah

2023 - Biohack Yourself

Never one for a rest, she was straight onto her next project, the most anticpiated health documentary of our time, 'Biohack Yourself'

2024 - Kids buy real estate


2024 - Super Lollis Podcast

TereZa organized her family together, and created the highly anticpated Super Lollis Podcast, with a deal with Amazon Prime it's set to release in fall of this year.

2024 - Podcasters

With their recent string of successes Anthony & Tereza have been invited on a myriad of podcasts.

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