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The Super Lollis


The Super Lollis, a multi-award-winning six-episode documentary series, explores the journey of a family as they collectively embrace fitness. This acclaimed series not only catapulted TereZa into the fitness world but also definitively showcased Anthony and TereZa's expertise in creating captivating documentaries that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Super Lollis Laurels
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An amazing transformation


In a 6 episode masterpiece


Ep 1 - More than just a mom

Anthony and Tereza head down to Florida to compete in the WBFF Competition, it is the start of their journey together as a couple and Tereza's first ever bodybuilding show.


Ep 2 - You can be it all

Tereza competes in the OCB federation which is a drug tested event. They then both travel to Christian Guzmans Summer Shredding event, where Anthony swaps from Transformation to Muscle Model.


Ep 3 - Train together, stay together

Anthony and Tereza are learning that they have to make sacrifices on this journey and it's taking it's toll on the family. They head to the UK to compete in one of the few bodybuilding couple competitions.


Ep 4 - From average joes to pros

We head to Vegas to prepare for the World Championships, meeting the other Transformation Icons along the way who have all been involved in Anthony's journey, and the women of RBT who Tereza has helped inspire.


Ep 5 - How the f did you lose all that weight?

The couple do their final stage routine, after sacrificing so much, will they come out on top? After the competition they head to Sunscreen Film Festival to receive awards for their documentary.


Ep 6 - The unbreakables

Anthony sets up a competition for other transformation people around the globe. See the men and women who have battled heart attacks, strokes, cancer and more compete on stage together and win some grand prizes.

The Stars Involved

Whilst competing so many times we met many other stars in the world of transformation & fitness.

Red Carpet Premiere

At the glamorous red carpet event for "The Super Lollis" documentary series, stars and fans gathered in excitement. Anthony, TereZa, and the Lolli family shone as they arrived, captivating attention with their presence. Amidst speeches and accolades, the event celebrated not just the series, but also the unity and dedication that brought it to life, making it a memorable evening for all.

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Theatres 'The Super Lollis' screen at


Epic Theatres - Saturday, Jan 20, 2024

Super Lollis At theatre

AMC - Saturday, April 29, 2023

Federations we competed in 

We stepped on stage 32 times in 31 different categories.

WBFF Florida
Summer Shredding
Pure Elite
WBFF Vegas worlds

Tereza Sponsorship

Lifestyle models

Following the resounding success of 'The Super Lollis,' Tereza and Anthony's vibrant personalities and magnetic charm catapulted them into the realm of lifestyle modeling for prestigious clothing brands. Their unique blend of style, charisma, and authenticity captivated audiences worldwide, making them sought-after figures in the fashion industry. With each photoshoot, Tereza and Anthony effortlessly embodied the essence of sophistication and elegance, breathing life into every garment they adorned.