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Meet Our Team

Our unique approach and flourishing reputation at Lolli Brands Entertainment has become a magnet for the finest talents in the film industry, eager to collaborate with us on our projects. Anthony and Tereza, have personally garnered 40 awards in documentary and independent film, we've assembled an entourage even more distinguished. Our collective boasts an array of globally recognized awards and nominations, showcasing the depth of our expertise and passion. Dive into our world and meet our extraordinary team to discover more.

Team Awards

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A self-made millionaire, real estate mogul, award-winning entrepreneur, family man, fitness icon, bestselling author, award-winning documentarian, and world-recognized public figure with over 1.5 million followers: @anthonylolli.


Head of studio / COO

Henry revolutionizes TV and Film with global hits like Oscar shortlisted 'The Imposter' and 'Gold Rush', driving Discovery Channel's success over the last decade. As Executive Producer, he negotiates with giants like Netflix, leading top-notch productions reaching 500 million viewers worldwide.


Vice President

An immigrant from Armenia, an award-winning documentarian, two-time bikini pro with over 160k followers on Instagram, and an expert mom who has mastered the art of balancing life, children, marriage, fitness, health, and finances.


David BLACK.jpg

Lead Editor

David, a seasoned industry expert, specializes in crafting and editing award-winning documentaries. His innovative marketing strategies spark viral phenomena, amplifying product launches and sales. With his deep understanding of emerging technologies, he stays at the forefront of the rapidly changing media industry.


COO Biohack Yourself LLC

A biohacking wizard and the ultimate super connector. With a knack for uncovering human potential through cutting-edge science and an unparalleled ability to bring together movers and shakers from diverse fields, Steven is the go-to expert for anyone looking to elevate their physical and professional networks to new heights.



Production Manager

Emma, boasting over 15 years of experience, ascended the post-production hierarchy at Envy Post Production. Her impressive portfolio features collaborations with industry titans such as Disney and Netflix, covering a wide array of acclaimed projects across TV, film, and digital campaigns.

Our films exposure and audience base 

Through our collaborative efforts at Lolli Brands, we've generated over 500 million hours of content watched around the world and collectively managed budgets exceeding $330 million. The brilliance of our team at Lolli Brands Entertainment goes beyond individual achievements; each award underscores our unmatched creativity and unwavering commitment to the art we deliver.

Our mission is clear – to continuously push the boundaries of storytelling. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every accolade isn't just a mark of recognition, but a celebration of our dedication to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.

Streaming / Television

Selected Theatres

AMC Sundial
Super Lollis At theatre
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