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Adam Chani


Adam, born and raised in New York City and half Colombian, half Moroccan, has traveled extensively through Morocco, Colombia, Switzerland, England, and France, picking up Spanish, French, and Arabic along the way.

Before diving into filmmaking, Adam honed his skills in teamwork and strategy on the soccer fields of Switzerland and Morocco, and throughout his college soccer career in West Virginia and Florida. These skills have clearly influenced his approach to filmmaking.

Three years ago, Adam founded Chani Cuts. His recent collaboration with Lolli Brands Entertainment at the 2024 Sunscreen Film Festival showcased his team's ability to capture captivating behind-the-scenes footage. Additionally, Adam has broadened his scope in the creative industry, taking on roles as a producer, director, and filmmaker on various projects, including a documentary on “the making of” a feature film and several TV commercial sets.

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