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Gasper D'Souza


As a filmmaker, I am drawn to stories that capture the raw and authentic human experience. From the remote schools for girls in impoverished districts of India, to the vast expanse of the Raan of Kutch, to the mystical dance rituals of Theyam performed under the cloak of darkness in Kerala – I am fascinated by the humanity that lies at the heart of these narratives.

Since 2012, I have honed my craft as a freelance documentary filmmaker, producing short features for Euronews Television, across India. With each project, I have worn multiple hats – researching, directing, interviewing, shooting, and editing – all with a focus on bringing the human element of the story to the forefront.

For me, the true magic of filmmaking happens in the editing suite, where raw footage is transformed into a powerful and moving story. 

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