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Are you the one we are looking for?

We are always interested in talented and hungry people - especially those who want to drive forward with us. See our roles that we are actively looking for right now further down the page.

If you do not think you are fit for any of the roles but still want to join our team then send an application and tell us what you can contribute.

Video Editor (Long Form)

We are looking for a long form video editor to join our team.

You will be working closely with 3 other video editors to help put together our narrative documentaries which are released on Amazon Prime and many more streaming services.

Social Media Editors

Are you skilled in creating captivating and engaging social media content? Then join our team and edit videos from some of the most respected people in bodybuilding, biohacking and many more!

Graphic Designers

We need someone who is able to create engaging thumbnails for our social media content, posters for our movies, carousels & much more.

Camera Operator

Looking to work more in the entertainment industry? We create hits for Amazon Prime & many more streaming services. We are looking for flexible camera operators to join our expanding crew and come to fantastic locations with us to film.

Sales Associates

Experienced in sales? We need you to join our team, collaborate with our sales executives and help with the ever growing market of the entertainment industry.


Have you dreamed of a career in the entertainment industry but have little experience. Then join us as an intern, come on film shoots, meet the crew, learn and help along the way. This could be the start of your journey.

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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