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About us

The Lolli’s are an inquisitive couple who embark immersive journeys with their children and enjoy sharing those experiences through the documentaries they produce, direct and star in. Our catalog of Documentaires are told through our lived experiences which are often immersive dives into incredible subject matter. This approach to documentary story telling allows the audience to learn alongside us and walk away feeling educated informed all while entertained. The viewer gets to enrich their understanding of a complex topic through palpable bit sized participatory performative interviews, conversations and interactions.

Part of the team

Mainstream or no stream!

Some people document their lives. We make documentaries of our life’s journeys. Don’t just go through life but grow through life! Let us show you how our life decisions are made more on our curiosities rather than our fears. The day we are born we are in a movie called “Life” and at age 18 we become the director, producer and star of our own life’s movie. By virtue of this mindset we end up creating a life that’s really interesting and keeps us entertained by producing the longest movie of our lives title The Lolli family life’s journey. For us, leading by example if the best way to help others. In our opinion it is disingenuous to state how you can help others without first helping yourself and then continuing to embody and maintain those commitments. If you want something you’ve never had before you have to do something you’ve never done before. Oftentimes it’s not obvious and can only be discovered through new life experience. Choosing to share our lives comes at a risk of being singled out, rejected and possible criticism. However the reward of actually connecting with someone watching and making an impact in their lives makes it all worth it. Most projects are not being made by a person but by large corporate studios who have suits in a conference room scratching their heads trying to make something that they think someone else is going to like. Our projects are made for us and it turns out that when you create something that’s true to yourself a byproduct is there is a large audience that resonates, reciprocates and participates. It’s easier to think outside the box when you are able to jump from one box into another. So oftentimes we are producing multiple different projects simultaneously. Our documentary work is priceless and personal to us and therefore not for sale. Our process of making the documentaries is about marrying the wildness of our imagination to the rigor of story structure all while avoiding being formulaic.

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Our Documentaries

7 time nominated, 4 time award winning viral documentary which gained Anthony 1.5m followers on Instagram and helped them launch their own fitness brand - Radical Body Transformations.

When Alex Porro lost 300lbs, Anthony stepped in and paid for his loose skin surgery, documenting the journey of Alex undergoing this life altering procedure. The documentary was commissioned by Dr. Steinbrech, one of the countries leading and most successful board certified surgeons with multiple locations across the USA.

Multiple award winning 6 episode doc, focuses on the family as they tackle fitness together. The Super Lollis propelled TereZa into the world of fitness, and confirmed to the world that Anthony and TereZa have the formula to succeed in making hit documentaries

From child soldier to US immigrant, to being shot 3 times and then surviving cancer, we follow the incredible story of the world renowned, award winning body building George Farah. We captured both sides of the story as we filmed with the most famous and decorated bodybuilders in the world from the past, present and future, Branch Warren, Kai Green, Dexter Jackson, Dennis James & more!

The Lolli family embarks on a journey to find longevity & vitality through the world of Biohacking. They met up with the world leaders in the Biohacking space & discovered the best products & modalities that will help them in their quest.

Our unique story telling approach 

Dive into our unique documentary catalog, where stories spring from our own lived experiences, inviting you on exhilarating deep dives into astonishing subjects. Our storytelling method doesn't just narrate; it immerses you, learning and exploring right alongside us. It's an adventure that educates and informs, yet thoroughly entertains. As viewers, you're not just spectators; you're participants, enhancing your grasp of complex topics through vivid, bite-sized interviews, dynamic conversations, and interactive experiences.

Who we feature in our documentaries 

Our telling process is widely accepted and popular because we document these journeys in a way the general public can understand and relate to. Our existing and verifiable status as accomplished entrepreneurs, award winning producers and public figures across various industries, allows us to curate and interview the most prominent and respected thought leaders, experts and high profile figures to appear in our films.


Over the years, we at Lolli Brands Entertainment have showcased our work at countless film festivals around the world, bringing home numerous prestigious awards and earning even more nominations! Each recognition is a testament to our passion, creativity, and the incredible journey we've embarked on together. It's been an exhilarating ride, filled with moments of triumph that continue to inspire us to reach even greater heights.