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Anthony Lolli's influential presence has garnered widespread attention, resulting in an impressive portfolio of media coverage that spans over 2000 news and media articles throughout his illustrious career. Recognized as a seasoned expert, Anthony's expertise has been sought after by numerous networks and broadcasts, leading to more than 100 captivating interviews. With a genuine passion for sharing his knowledge, Anthony has become a familiar face on screens both big and small, regularly gracing esteemed platforms such as Jay Leno, CBS, Fox News, Peacock, and a plethora of other networks around the globe.

Rapid Realty Tattoo Phenomenon

Anthony Lolli's business acumen and media attention have propelled him and his company into the spotlight. He leverages other platforms to generate buzz for his ventures, such as offering pay raises to employees who tattoo the company logo. This bold move caught the attention of news media.

Fox Business Varney & Co

Anthony was invited on to Fox Business to discuss the current climate of renting vs buying in America. He was regularly invited on the top platforms in America to discuss his knowledge in the landlord and rental markets.


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